Clean and affordable energy

No Upfront Cost

Up to 20% Savings


Social Responsability


Solar energy is cleanabundant and the best solution to the growing demand for electricity in Brazil


Solar energy donation and education for sustainability

As a way to mitigate the social impact that the arrival of electric power will cause in the community, we will work with social development and empowerment tools inspired by the Gaia Education program and the Transition Towns movement.


The training to be offered to the community encompasses a range of practical experiences, ideas, and innovative tools that have been developed and tested in communities that have operated as sustainable practice labs.




Led by a transdisciplinary team with international training in several fields, with more than 10 years of experience in advanced photovoltaic markets, we at Plexo Solar believe that it is possible to create a better world through the abundant production of solar energy, generating profit and savings in Brazil.


For us, transparency is a non-negotiable value. It is our basis for a relationship of trust and prosperity in which everyone involved wins.


We have in innovation our inspiration and hope for new forms of large-scale energy production. We know that one of the main challenges for innovative companies is to reduce investment risks. Therefore, we have invested with comprehensive risk mitigation strategies to deal with uncertainties.

Michel Sednaoui

Investment Director

Paulo Simoni

Engineering Director

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